Email Communications

Employer correspondence is a vital part of securing a job. Whether it's initial outreach, follow up, or thank you emails, properly-worded and well-timed communication is key.

Choose a sickeningly well-written email template to get started.

Recruiter is Not Calling Back Type Thumbnail

Recruiter is Not Calling Back

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Haven’t heard from the hiring company after speaking with a recruiter? Follow up with them!

Reconsidered Interview Question Type Thumbnail

Reconsidered Interview Question

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Have you ever left a job interview and realized we completely forgot to share a data point that could strengthen your qualifications? We have the answer for you.

Recruiter Follow Up Type Thumbnail

Recruiter Follow Up

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Keeping your recruiter updated after every meeting with the hiring company is critical to your job hunt

Job Inquiry Type Thumbnail

Job Inquiry

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Initial outreach for a job application is the first and most important step in making contact with an employer.

1st App Follow Up Type Thumbnail

1st App Follow Up

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Following up after completing a job application is totally acceptable and often times expected.

2nd App Follow Up Type Thumbnail

2nd App Follow Up

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Many times a recruiter will simply just miss your email or gloss over your application. Sending another follow up is a good idea.

Interview Thank You Type Thumbnail

Interview Thank You

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Saying a quick thank you after an interview can go a very long way.

1st Interview Follow Up Type Thumbnail

1st Interview Follow Up

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Following up after an interview is a courteous way to refresh an interviewer's mind and help them remember your incredible skills, experience, and smile.

2nd Interview Follow Up Type Thumbnail

2nd Interview Follow Up

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A second interview follow up is sometimes needed, especially for smaller companies or those with less formal recruiting processes and timelines.

Offer Questions Type Thumbnail

Offer Questions

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Usually parts of a job offer will be ambiguous or require some clarification. Use this template to ask a potential employer the right questions to gain the clarity you need to accept or decline the offer, or make a counter offer.

Counter Offer Type Thumbnail

Counter Offer

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When you receive a job offer from a company, sometimes it's appropriate to send a counter offer asking for more in certain areas. Typically we suggest sending some follow-up questions prior to sending a counter offer.

Accept Offer Type Thumbnail

Accept Offer

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Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and it's time to accept a job offer. Believe it or not, there's even a right and wrong way to say yes!

Decline Offer Type Thumbnail

Decline Offer

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Kudos for getting an offer letter! It wasn't ultimately the one for you, but a gracious offer decline email will keep the door open for future job opportunities. Keep optionality open - you never know what the future may bring