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    Job Application Created!

    Created: 01/6/2018

    Congrats on finishing your application! By applying you've completed half the battle; the other half is persistence and managing the process.

    Your goal for a successful job search should be to apply to between 10 and 20 companies. This means a lot of emailing, following up, and thanking people for their time. Like, on average 150-300 emails! This is tough for even the most organized person, which is why we created this Application Tracker to help you manage your applications and send out your communications at the appropriate times.

    Your job is to be a great candidate and interview well. Our job is to help you with the logistics of getting that job!

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    First App Follow-Up

    Created: 01/7/2018

    We suggest you wait at least 1 week to follow up on your job application. As you can see above we've already set up a reminder that will be sent (via email) to you on the Follow Up date. Follow Up dates are rules of thumb - feel free to change them as you see fit.

    On the Follow-Up date you'll receive an email from us with a link to create a Follow Up email and send it out. You can create your emails any time by clicking the button below.

    Edit: First-App-Follow-Up (1st App Follow Up)
    Edit: Recruiter-Not-Calling (Recruiter is Not Calling Back)

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    Second App Follow-Up

    Created: 07/1/2018

    Many times a recruiter will simply just miss your email or gloss over your application. Sending another follow up is a good idea. We suggest waiting about 1 week before following up again.

    Edit: Second-App-Follow-Up (2nd App Follow Up)

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    Post-Interview Correspondence

    Created: 01/7/2018

    Congrats on getting an interview! Afterward, be sure to say thank you, as well as keep your recruiter updated and in the loop. You might be surprised at how few people send a thank you email after an interview or meeting - this is another great way to stand out.

    It takes a lot of company resources as well as individual employees' time to run a successful recruiting process. If you've ever been on the other side of the table, you know it's a thankless job and it takes time away from your normal duties - saying a quick thank you can go a very long way. Reaching back out also provides another opportunity to stay in front of the recruiter, and sets you apart from other candidates.

    We suggest waiting no more than 24 hours before sending a thank you email. Sending a thank you the same day is great too.

    Edit: Interview-Thanks (Interview Thank You)
    Edit: Recruiter-Follow-Up (Recruiter Follow Up)
    Edit: Reconsidered-Interview-Question (Reconsidered Interview Question)

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    First Interview Follow Up

    Created: 01/7/2018

    Following up after an interview is a courteous way to refresh an interviewer's mind and help them remember your incredible skills, experience, and smile.

    We suggest waiting about 1 week after sending the interview thank you email.

    Edit: First-Interview-Follow-Up (1st Interview Follow Up)

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    Second Interview Follow Up

    Created: 07/1/2018

    A second interview follow up is sometimes needed, especially for smaller companies or those with less formal recruiting processes and timelines.

    We suggest waiting about 1 week after sending the 1st interview follow up email.

    Edit: Second-Interview-Follow-Up (2nd Interview Follow Up)

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    Offer Questions Answered

    Created: 01/7/2018

    Now that you've hopefully received some clarity on the offer, it's time to make a decision: make a counter offer, accept the job, or decline the offer. We usually suggest doing this within 48 hours max. However, if you have an "exploding offer" or the company has given you a specific time by which you need to respond, do respect that timeline.

    Edit: Decline-Offer (Decline Offer)
    Edit: Accept-Offer (Accept Offer)
    Edit: Counter-Offer (Counter Offer)

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    Counter Offer Sent

    Created: 01/7/2018

    Once you receive a response back from your counter offer, it's time to decide whether or not to accept the offer, keeping in mind you may not get the things you asked for. Check out our Tips and Resources for some final thoughts on how to decide if the job is right for you.

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    Edit: Accept-Offer (Accept Offer)

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